Rocket Fuel

My parents were here over the weekend and one of their favorite thing to do with the boys is to launch baking soda and vinegar powered rockets. It is AMAZING how high those babies can fly! We certainly get the attention of ALL the little boys (and the dads) at the park when we are there with our rockets. The last time we did this we ran out of our rocket fuel baking soda and vinegar long before the boys were ready to stop the launches. This week my husband ran out to the store for groceries and came back with 4 boxes of baking soda and 2 GALLONS of Vinegar! Needless to say that amount of fuel outlasted the rocket. They launched that rocket until the fins would fly off in the air, and the nose cone was busted off. Now, I am left with over a gallon of vinegar and countless boxes of baking soda. The baking soda I know we will use, but I have been at a loss as to what to do with all the vinegar, until I was re-reading She’s Thrifty’s post about cleaning with vinegar! I love the idea that you can use vinegar as a fabric softener. What do you think ? Will it work? Or will it make my clothes stink smell like easter eggs? I was thinking about adding a few drops of essential oils to the laundry as well. Let me know have you used vinegar as a natural fabric softener? Comment below and let me know if it worked for you? If it works, I can’t wait to start using up my gallons of vinegar I have sitting in the pantry.


Roses Are Red ~ Guest Post

Thank you She’s Thrifty. Smith’s Rosebud Salve sounds amazing!! I just might have to pop over to their website and place an oder!

Smith’s Rosebud Salve is one of the best multi-purpose products you’ll ever find.

The Rosebud Perfume Company was founded in 1895 by George F. Smith in Woodsboro, Maryland. The formula for Smith’s Rosebud Salve was actually devised in 1892, but who’s counting? Smith began selling the product in his small drug store and local popularity soon blossomed. Convinced of his product’s appeal, Smith began a mail order business that continues to this day.
I’ve been a fan of this cult-fave for years. If you don’t take my word for it, consider that Sephora carries it.
The salve’s many uses include: balm for your lips, flyaway hair tamer, sunburn soother, eyebrow tamer, and skin moisturizer. You can even use it for diaper rash. It totally works – I tried it on my son.
It’s comes in a compact retro package. Pop it in your bag and you have one product that does it all!

Pretty Poppy Saves The Day!

The girls over at Pretty Poppy are amazing! Unless you are 6 feet tall and 95 pounds I am willing to bet you spend a lot of time and money gettingĀ items altered. No matter how much you love your tailor in these economic times wouldn’t you LOVE to spend that $25 alteration bill on hmmm… maybe a cute top to go with the fabulous pants that you are getting tailored. Here is where Pretty Poppy saves their day on their site they have step by step instructions on how to hem a pair of jeans using the orignal hem. I promose, it will look just like you spent the money on a tailor. Don’t worry it will be our secret that you did it yourself. Or if you are feeling generous pass this tip along to all your friends and then treat yourselves to a girls night with the money you saved.