Eye Candy!

So this mornings eye candy is a little late coming…. it is more like Monday afternoon eye candy then it is Monday morning eye candy, but it’s all delicious and fun no matter what time of day it is! Today all the finds come from Etsy, LOVE you fabulous creative Etsy sellers!

Also, this week is just slightly more unusual than typical…. it must be the three little Lego loving boys that I live with that inspired this weeks post.

Enjoy, and have a wonderful week!

When your iPhone needs to play hook it up with this fun lego iPhone docking station from qoofresh. Click HERE to see this and other products by this imaginative designer.

If your husband has not outgrown his childhood love affair with legos, here is the perfect belt buckle for him. You can find it on Etsy made by Crimson King by clicking HERE

For a truly unique way to light up any room… right I mean Legos would go with any decor….. try this truly unique Lego Lamp from Abbie Dablles HERE on Etsy.

I am just a little bit, I mean a LOT in  LOVE with Jewelry…. so here are two unique pieces of Jewelry both based on Legos.

Who would have thought you could turn Legos into a fashion statement… I love it! Thanks so much to rewarestyle over on Etsy for this great piece. Click HERE to view this and other great pieces by this designer.

If that special lady in your life loves legos  be a hero and bring home this super cool Lego Ring by ruby girl. Click HERE to view her etsy site.


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