Best Ever Guest Spot!

This weeks guest post from She’s Thrifty is the best one yet…. of course my opinion might have been a result of having to getting to go shopping with her as research for the post! Now that is research I can do again and again. Especially with the great deals that we found….. read below for all the details.

Shopping is TOO Much Fun
Yesterday my adorable friend from Studio Ten Twenty Two and I went shopping in pursuit of thrifty and stylish finds.
We started at rags shop+consign in Boulder determined to get our hands on some great deals. Rags doesn’t disappoint. The store is a pleasure to shop; pieces are merchandised effectively by color and style of garment. The pieces are also carefully selected, reducing your digging time. Sure enough, my friend found this adorable coat from American Rag CIE.

It’s a delicious tweedy coat, just screaming fall. She tried it on and the shoulders were just a little too big, even with a sweater underneath. Her loss, though, was my gain. The coat fits me! To put this into perspective, I’m a petite 5’2″ and usually wear an XS or S. But my friend is even tinier than me – she’s SO cute. The coat, of course, is mine now. Only $43. I was feeling bad that it didn’t work for her, but she’s happy for me. Very sweet.
Next we popped in to Common Threads. This is a fantastic shop; definitely an eye candy store. It’s so great I plan to dedicate a post to them soon on my blog she’s thrifty.

If you don’t live in Boulder, never fear. You can find great shops like these near you. I swear it!


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