Shopping VS Sex, the showdown

A study that came out of the University of Westminster in London has uncovered that people get the same level of emotional excitement from finding a great bargin shopping as they do from sexual arousal. You can read more about the study and the findings in the Telegraph Article.  This must explain  why women go shopping after a break up. Maybe this is why something that looks so good and feels so good at the store might feel like a gigantic mistake the next morning!

On a related note, according to Mens Health the following cities are having the most sex

  • Austin TX
  • Dallas TX
  • Columbus OH
  • Durham NC
  • Denver CO

These cities are having the least sex

  • St. Petersburg FL
  • Manchester NH
  • Charleston WV
  • Yonkers NY
  • Portland ME

If I put the two studies together I would have to say the  economy in Portland ME must be doing great!


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