How To Clean in 21 steps

“A clean house is a sign of a broken computer” ~I read this quote earlier this week, but I’m not sure where… if you know please tell me!

I am very lucky I have a normal, low maintenance mother in law. From talking to my friends I realize this is highly unusual…. there are some good stories out there…. yikes!

However, the MIL is coming to town and even if she is wonderful and low maintenance I still want the house to be clean, I would hate for her to see the way we “usually” live, ICK!! Here are my 21 steps on how to unsuccessfuly clean house

  1. decide that today is the day I will tell the kids, no TV when they ask why tell them it is junk food for your brain (big mistake!)
  2. drop off prince 1 at school, quick trip to get prince 2 a hair cut (have to look fabulous for MIL) & a hot chocolate for me
  3. get home and remind the kids  no TV and make a blanket fort for them (of course they say they will clean it up)
  4. start to clean, realize there are hours (seriously hours) of laundry to fold, start folding laundry
  5. get glass of milk for children not watching TV, realize that children not watching TV just pulled out all the art supplies. Add art supplies to the list of things that need to be cleaned up
  6. decide I need a break ,check email… find email from design client with a crisis question… not sure how to solve crisis question
  7. send a quick email to a VERY talented design friend. toss lots of compliments his way and beg for help with above crisis unfinished project
  8. fold more laundry
  9. princes want lunch, throw a bag of popcorn their way with promises of lunch to come soon, popcorn is almost a vegetable right?
  10. fold more laundry – seriously do we really wear this many clothes?
  11. look at clock only 45 minutes left until we leave to pick up prince 1,
  12. panick, there is more laundry to fold and I still need to shower, I smell REALLY bad from last nights hot yoga class.
  13. decide to put laundry in laundry basket, set laundry basket in corner of the room in a “I ment to put it there way”
  14. shower
  15. out of the shower, realize that prince 3 is still in his jammies at 2:15…. everyone loves a jammies day right??
  16. dress myself, dress prince 3, run to school pick up prince 1
  17. swim lessons, hair cut for prince 1
  18. home again, start to cram all toys into baskest clean the toy room
  19. write on blog
  20. put all items from the floor into the closet, hold breath close closet door and remind husband not to open that closet until after MIL visit is over.
  21. Relax and enjoy a nice visit in a clean house.

Is there a moral to this story? Maybe not, or maybe it is better to realize from the beginning that when cleaning for a visit all items that are out-of-place should be put in a big box on a closet floor to be handled when the visit is over.



2 thoughts on “How To Clean in 21 steps

  1. While I applaud your “no TV” rule, I must ask WHAT ARE YOU THINKING???!!! The only way I can ever get anything done is by popping in a movie for the kids while I clean. Otherwise, I am constantly interrupted or sidetracked, while the kids make more mess. Yes, I use the TV to babysit my kids while I clean. Go ahead and call me a bad mommy, but I am completely at peace with this practice. I can always refuse TV on a different day.

  2. I WAS NOT thinking!!! Mistake on my part! c’est la vie the house is cleaner now then it was before I started. The MIL is here, I am going for a run and a sauna, all is good!
    PS. Rumor is you are a great mom of some beautiful kids 🙂

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