The Science Of Anthropologie

I LOVE Anthropologie, so I can’t tell you how excited I was to see that our Guest Post this week from Shes Thrifty  was all about finding deals at Anthropologie! Happy reading and happy shopping for great deals, let us know your best Anthropologie deal you have ever gotten! If you want to read more fun fabulous and frugal tips from She’s Thrifty make sure to check out her blog

Anthropologie is one of my fave shopping spots. Walking into the store is like stepping into Wonderland; the cool antiques and quirky displays are a sight to behold. DO NOT, however, get sucked into the rabbit hole. It’s easy to grab things and impulsively pay full price because everything is so gorgeous. Instead of buying a piece or two at full retail (remember one of the cardinal rules of thrift? don’t buy retail!) head to the back of the store and look through the sale merchandise. Here in Boulder the sale items are (almost) hidden in a tiny room in the back of the store. Do not miss this area; it’s a gold mine

I’ve never paid full price at Anthropologie. I think the mark-up is pretty high. Sale items can still be pricey, but the quality is usually worth it. The above top was originally $68; I found it in the sale section for $29.95. I love the light and breezy fabric. And I should be able to extend its wear through multiple seasons with a black or cream top under in the fall/winter and without during spring and summer. Anthropologie’s website is a great place to find deals, too, especially right after Christmas. Holiday items like dresses, pretty sweaters and fantastic jewelry go on clearance and the prices can’t be beat.
Bonus info – Urban Outfitters is owned by the same company and has a younger vibe. The prices are usually lower than Anthropoligie and with some judicious shopping you can find some cool stuff even if you’re not in your teens or 20s.
For more style tips, check out part one and part two of my style finds in Aspen.


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