An Overprotective Mama Bear Needs to Apologize

A few days ago I blogged about events surrounding my search for a new baby sitter for the little princes. As any of you with children know it is HARD to leave your kids with someone…. well let me rephrase that, on a dream day when the house is filled with harmony and well-behaved children it is hard to leave them with someone else, who could possible be as fun and amazing as their own mother or father……  However, there are days, many days, when you (or I) would leave the children in the care of the neighbors dog, cat, or hamster and go running as fast as possible to get some sanity! Yet when you do leave the house with macaroni and cheese stains on your shirt and glitter from the mornings art project on your A** (the one that never did look the same after you were pregnant!)  you want to know the baby sitter that you chose, in a rare moment of sanity, is right for your family. What may be right for one family may not be right for another. When I posted about the “dumpster diving, pot smoking” baby sitters who were applying for the job I may have been too quick to judge. I was especially to quick to draw conclusions that may not necessarily true. I should not have implied in my post that if someone chooses to smoke pot, or participate in dumpster diving that the said person/people are not kind, responsible, or experience caregivers. I am sorry that I made that implication it was unfair of me. So, in the interest of letting people with different ideas be heard, make sure to check back in a few weeks . I will have an interview with the “DDBS I look forward to giving her the opportunity to tell us about what she does, and why she does it. If anyone has a questions that they want answered post it in the comments, or email me I will be sure to pass it along. 

Thank you to the “DDBS” for her maturity to comment/email me following my original post.

Ironically I was trying to make the post funny to get my readers to read the post in its entirety so they could be entertained until they read about the website. I thought the website was a genius idea….. turns out most of my friends already knew about the site!! Apparently I am soooo behind the times. Whats a girl to do?? Maybe hire a baby sitter so that I have more time to surf the internet?

Finally, a note to end on. I feel like when I am searching for a baby sitter, I am searching for my “replacement”  and when it comes to my boys, how can I ever replace myself  🙂 They grew inside of me and with each step they take they grow more independent and further away from me. Each new person (in this case a babysitter) they form a relationship with is one more person, other than me, that they learn to love and trust. I know this is an important process for them as they mature into boys, teens….. and some day men (OH MY GOD!!!). So, maybe I am taking all of this too seriously, maybe I need to relax and decide all they really need is someone to keep them safe and in one piece for a few hours. But, they are my little men and I want the best for them….. I want a Rock Star!


2 thoughts on “An Overprotective Mama Bear Needs to Apologize

  1. While dumpster diving may not speak to someone’s ability to care for children, smoking pot does. I have no problem with people smoking pot in general, but while you have children in your care, it is obviously important that your judgement/reflexes/state of mind not be impaired. Just saying…

    1. I totally agree with everything you said. If people want to smoke pot I don’t have a problem with that, I just want to make sure my little ones are receiving the best care available to them. I want to make sure their care giver is alert and has the energy to keep up with them. I want someone that has more energy then I do not less 🙂 and the ability to quickly make decisions if there was ever a situation where someone was injured. If a care giver spends 2 hours with a child or 2 years they make an impact on the lives of the children they watch. What someones does on their own time is their choice and not for me to judge. My concern with dumpster diving and baby sitting is that it may have an impact on choices that my children make as they grow up but are not yet mature enough to make responsible decision. If they have a baby sitter when they are 5 or 7 or 9 etc.. (a trusted adult that they look up to) who tells them about the great stuff you can get for free out of a dumpster there may be a time in the future, when the boys are teens and don’t have the ability to make the smartest decisions, but have the freedom to be on their own and making their own choices. They may say to their friends hey my baby sitter used to find cool stuff in the trash lets see what we can find. I know it is all hypothetical, but as a mom I feel like I need to keep them safe in all situations even the ones that may or may not arise in the future.! Yikes! who knew parenting would have soooo many interesting and challenging situations! What ever happened to the days where cocktails and grown up times were at 7, the kids were raised by the oldest sibling and all dinners were TV dinners!

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