In the Studio with Kimberly of Roxy Heart Vintage

Kimberly Harris Congdon is the brains, and beauty behind the wonderful online boutique Roxy Heart Vintage. I am so happy that her and I were able to connect and do this interview. Also, it turns out that today one of her pieces got featured on the ETSY front page treasury list,you can view the wooden cake stand here,,  congratulations Kimberly! I love how the timing with the interview coincided with your listing getting all this recognition on ETSY!

1022:What was your inspiration for Roxy Heart Vintage?
RHV:My inspiration came about two years ago as I planned my wedding. I set out to find these amazing items that would match my vision and came up empty-handed. It seemed that all the decorations I found were cheap looking or so outdated that I could have sworn my sisters who were married years and years ago had used the same items. I ended up crafting my own wedding cake stand with a rustic damask feel to it and the vision just sort of unfolded from there. Next I was on to custom hand stamped jewelry and tree slice cake stands. Somewhere amidst the flurry of a wedding which was planned completely on my own, a new business, my current full-time job and my slightly neglected fiance, I had managed to keep everything together. The business began as an idea to sell a few things I couldn’t find for my wedding and has flourished into a place where handmade artistic items are found.
1022:Where do you see Roxy Heart Vintage being in 5 years?
RHV:In 5 years I see Roxy Heart Vintage encompassing a wider variety of items with more user interaction than it currently has. I’m constantly coming up with new items and ideas and the only thing that holds me back is lack of time to market and upload everything we create.
1022:What can buyers find at Roxy Heart Vintage, and what makes it unique?
RHV:Buyers can find a wide variety of items from rustic tree slice cake stands to wrought iron decor and custom hand stamped jewelry. The items are unique because each is handmade by an artisan who has put heart into the piece. We also offer many custom options for our products. The site was born from the lack of truly inspired style in wedding items so we try to emphasize that if you have a specific vision we’d love to help you bring that into fruition!
1022: What is new at Roxy Heart Vintage?
RHV: There are tons of new items at Roxy Heart Vintage. My favorite items are the Tree Slice Cake Stands which now have an upgrade option (coming soon to the website) to be used as a lazy susan or turn table. Sometimes people hesitate purchasing something they really love because they’ll only use it once or twice. We’ve come up with this upgrade option to the tree slice cake stand to make sure that your purchase will be used day after day. Why store it when you can use it and enjoy it all the time!?

1022: I have heard that starting a business is like having a newborn, you must be exhausted what do you do in your free time to recharge?
RHV: Well, I don’t have children yet so I can’t truly relate to the saying; however, if you’re asking if it keeps me up at night, is all I think about from sunup to sundown, and is where my heart is then yes, it’s just like having a newborn! Sometimes I have to just close the computer, leave my phone in the desk drawer and go out into my studio to just hear silence and work. Sometimes I lose myself out there and that’s when the ideas come naturally to me. Lately, I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had much free time but I do make it a point to make free time so that I don’t get too overwhelmed. My favorite show to watch right now is Project Runway because it’s so incredibly inspiring to watch designers and artists bring an idea into creation. I could watch it for hours! The other thing I love to do is go shopping to recharge. I spent the weekend in Seattle with my sisters shopping and it truly brought me back to what’s really important in life~ family!
1022: What is your personal style?
RHV: I’m not sure what you would call my style and I feel like I’ve only found a sense of it in the last couple years while bringing this business to life. I love a vintage feel to clothing and whatever I buy or wear has to have some kind of unique detailing~ I’m a sucker for that. I love Anthropologie, Free People, and Nordstrom although I hardly ever buy anything from those stores at full price:) I’m proud to be a savvy shopper and I think if I found the time, I’d design my own clothing line instead.
1022: What product can you not live without?
RHV: Number one would probably be mascara because without it I feel like a pilgrim or something (curses of being blonde:). Another thing (not a product) I couldn’t live without is my little dog Roxy. I don’t know what I ever did before I had her but I love her like a child. I don’t know how she got roped into being part of the name of my business but she did!

Thank you so much Kimberly, I am so glad we got a chance to do this interview. Congratulations on your ETSY success and best of luck with everything you do at Roxy Heart Vintage.


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