For The Love Of Baby Boys & Statistics

Right off the bat, I will tell you that I am NOT good with numbers and statistics are not my thing. Thankfully with the internet all I had to do was google the statistic I was looking for and I had more answers than I needed…… of course not all the answers were the same, but that’s ok, I just got to pick the one that I thought was the most fun. Here is the statistic, and the story behind it:

Last week I finished a new piece I was working on. I would LOVE to share a photo of it but my computer broke and now I have nowhere to upload and edit my photos. I should start uploading unedited photos but the perfectionist in me has not gotten comfortable with that yet..Now you are probably thinking if your computer broke how are you blogging?? Good question, I have been lucky enough to “borrow” a computer from my husband when he is not using it, however it doesn’t have any of the software I need to edit photos. That means I am restricted to words only to describe this super cute piece that I made. It might be my favorite one so far. Typically I work with mostly black and white and occasionally a little splash of color. This piece has NO black in it and come to think of it no white either, yeah! To start I took a blank 12X12 canvas and painted it a beautiful light blue. Next I cut a large letter B out of a beautiful fabric that had blues, greens and cream in it. I attached the fabric B to the canvas, added a chocolate-brown ribbon with blue stitching around the canvas edge giving it a “frame” and then I outlined the fabric letter with silver glitter. I LOVE IT, super fun and you can never go wrong with glitter! Ok, now you are wondering what this has to do with statistics. This piece was made for a sweet little baby boy who was born a few months ago. This little man is a third boy for his family. Since I have three boys and don’t know very many other people with three little ones of the same gender let alone three boys I started to wonder, what is the statistical probability of having three boys! (I wanted to know how unique I was!) This is what I found out. While the odds of having a boy seems to increase after having two girls, the odds of having a girl seems to decrease after having two boys leading us to the numbers. In three children families your chances of having three boys is 14.9 percent. Now like I said I am not much of a numbers person so I don’t know if this makes me very unique or not, but for fun I will say that it does!

If you are interested in LOTS of different statistics about gender percentages here is a great website 

Happy Sunday night. I hope you have a week of fun and creativity.


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