Back To School

A dear friend of mine recently started a blog and it inspired me to start blogging again after a nice long summer break. 

Over the summer the boys and I enjoyed sunshine, vacation, the beach in Michigan and simply spending time with each other. Now as the air tuns to fall, it seems to be filled with reminders that it is never to late to learn new things and try out new paths. While this blog has mostly been written to share different projects that I have worked on, I am excited this fall to “learn” about and blog about new topics.

As my boys started back to school I couldn’t help but be nervous for them, will they reconnect with their friends, will they have someone to sit with at lunch, what will their new teacher be like…. but mostly I was excited for them. Excited that they have an opportunity to go to a fantastic public school, learn from amazing teachers. I was simply happy that we are fortunate enough live in a place where education is available to everyone. It is so easy to get wrapped up in our day-to-day crazy kid filled lives that it can be easy to forget that education is not something to take for granted. In places all over the world there are children who do not have the access to education and with out that, they lack the access to reach their full potential.  This year I have been blessed to have found my “reminder” of just how lucky I am to be living and raising my children here.  A few months ago, I met an amazing women Linda Smith. Linda is the President and Founder of the non-profit Reading Village. Reading Village is working to transform the lives of children in rural Guatemala through literacy. In rural Guatemala 50% of the population is illiterate and public education is NOT free, in fact it is to expensive for most families to afford to send their children to school past the 6th grade, if they are able to send their children to school at all. It is here in these villages that Linda has developed an amazing program that trains teens to become leaders while teaching the young children in the community to become readers. It is a forward thinking program that is quickly gaining momentum and will become a program which other programs are modeled after.  

I really can’t say enough about the amazing work Linda is doing in the Guatemalan communities she works in. She puts her heart and soul into the work she is doing and she is producing incredible results. She is not only transforming the lives of children but entire communities. Please go to her website and read her site to learn more about what she is doing, don’t miss the archives with great photos of past trips! Sign up to receive her monthly e-newletter, the stories she shares of the progress being made there is inspirational. If you have the ability to help fund her projects please donate, if you can’t donate pass along her site to others who may be interested in hearing about her program. The more people who know about Reading Village the more children there will be in Guatemala who will have the opportunity to make their dreams come true. Most of all after viewing her site remember to be thankful for all the opportunities that you have been offered, and remember they are not available to everyone. I feel that my chance meeting with Linda has brought a new perspective and depth to my life and has deepened my gratitude for the opportunities that my husband, my children and I have.


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