Interview with Laura Ginther, Owner of Studio One One Nine

Laura Ginther is an amazing designer who started her career 14 years ago as an interior designer and has recently branched out with a line of apparel as well. I was fortunate to sit down with Laura (while the kids all ran around like crazy!!) and ask her some questions about herself, and her business.

Laura can be found on the web at Check out her site to see some of her amazing personalized apparel designs. If you would like to get more information from Laura in regards to her interior design work please contact her at She is FABULOUS, and brings the perfect balance of business knowledge and fun to any project she does. I know you will love working with Laura.


Studio Ten22: Did you always know that you wanted to become an interior designer/ what made you pursue interior design?

LG: My dad is an architect and I always wanted to follow in his footsteps. When I went to apply to the College of Architecture at my university I found out that my ACT score was one point too low to get into the program! Of course I was devastated at first. Once I began to look at my other options I stumbled upon interior design and have not looked back since then.  I loved interior design the second I started and feel very fortunate that I found this great career.

Studio Ten22: What a great twist of fate. You have such a talent for interior design, your clients are very lucky that you ended up one point shy on your ACT!

Studio Ten22: What advice can you give someone who is looking for an interior designer?

LG: I have found that when people are looking for an interior designer they tend to shy away from questions regarding budget. The best advice I have for someone as they search for the right designer for their project is to talk with potential designers about what your desired outcome is as well as your budget. Simply liking someones style is not enough,  you want someone who will listen to your thoughts while incorporating your needs and ideas into a style that you are comfortable living in.

Studi Ten22: When and why did you decide to branch out and start designing apparel as well?

LG: After my daughter was born I was looking for a way to stay connected to my creative side. Designing apparel for my daughter with her name on it allowed me to tap into my creativity while also focusing on my daughter . Once people started to see her shirts and order them for their own kids and for their friends kids I saw the potential for a business opportunity. Now when I see kid wearing a shirt that I made and I hear from the parents that they never want to take off I feel filled with a great sense of personal satisfaction as both a mom and a business owner.

Studio Ten22: You started Studio One One Nine a few years ago, what advice do you have for some one starting their own business? What have you learned the hard way going out on your own?

LG: It can be very stressful to own your own business, fortunately I have been able to use my design business as a supplemental income while keeping my main focus on raising my child. Gradually I have been able to build a name for myself and I plan on taking my business to the next step when my daughter starts kindergarten in a year. I have been fortunate, owning a design business allows me many flexibilities in a work enviroment that you don’t find working for someone else. This has allowed me so much time with my daughter that I may not have had otherwise. I have found that the financial end of the business is the most challenging, especially when he business is based on creativity. I would much rather be creating new designs then book-keeping!

Studi Ten22:  Where do you get your inspiration?

LG: I get inspiration from everything around me. When I walk into a space that instantly feels comfortable I take mental notes.  When I see beautiful apparel I look at the color to find inspiration for me designs. I am also inspired by the beauty of nature.  There is always an element of relaxation and calmness that can be found in nature and brought indoor for design.  Like any designer I keep up with current trends in design by thumbing through publications and traveling to interesting places.  I enjoy discovering old items that can be incorporating into a modern space by refinishing them.

Studio Ten22: What is one thing about you that others would be surprised by?

LG: You are so funny…. one thing that may surprise people is  that I have a desire to incorporate meditation into my chaotic lifestyle. I feel meditation allows me to better myself and therefore be more successful and happy while being a business owner, a designer, a mother and a friend

Studio Ten22: Can you describe your personal style/touch that you bring to a space?

LG: I like to be able to incorporate a piece of local art to each project for a unique local touch. I recently did a children’s bedroom and incorporated Studio Ten Twenty Two’s work putting the children’s names above their bunk beds. It makes each child feel special and helps create a space of their very own in a shared space. I also love to surprise clients with a piece of work from Studio Ten Twenty Two as a house-warming gift when the project has been completed.

Studio Ten22: Thanks Laura for sharing your Studio Ten22 Love with us 🙂 Just a reminder Studio 119 apparel can be found on the web at or by email,


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