I can do it BY MYSELF!!

All of you who have children will be able to appreciate this…. my youngest son, the quintessential third child, very mellow, independent, plays quietly and calmly etc…  turned two in Dec. I think last week someone gave him the memo that two-year olds are supposed to assert their independence and he put it into full swing last week. Everything is now BY MYSELF!! he must climb into the car by his self, try to dress himself, brush his own teeth, I think you get the idea! Needless to say it means I need to give us much more time for everything we are doing during the day! Then to cap off a tiring week with my new “typical two behavior” we were out for dinner on Friday night, watching the Miami of Ohio hockey game with a group of Miami Alumni when the two-year old told me he needed to, “go to the bathroom BY MYSELF!” we get to the bathroom and somehow he manages to get poo all over the toilet, all over his legs….. and all over his pants…… so there we were in the bathroom no wipes (yes a minor error on my part!) and messy pants…. ahhhhhh….. the adventures of life with three boys…. of course the other two were being calm and well-behaved. We think in the morning they have a secret meeting to discuss what one is going to cause the craziness for the day.

here is an old picture of that crazy two year old….. when he was just a little calm baby!


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