New 20X20 Squares

So the other day, I bought this fabulous canvas, it is a 20X20 square. I loved it I knew it was the perfect size to do something wonderful with…… but that is where I got stuck. I looked at this canvas for days and could not find a way to get the letters to fit right/look right on it. Then my amazing, brilliant and talented friend Laura came over and she looked at the canvas for about a second and said……. what if you do a single letter (ex: initial) printed out as a square…. and it was the perfect idea that I had been spending days thinking about and not coming up with!!!

So, here is the final design, a fabulous 20X20 canvas with a 10X10 photo in the center. I am so happy with this look! Thank you Laura for the perfect idea!

~if you want to see more of Laura’s fabulous ideas (she designs shirts, hats etc..) you can view her website at

Letter A: I had to start at the beginning!


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